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Welcome to SGL Royal Kapita

We deliver customized investment banking services with special focus on Asset Management, Corporate Finance, Business & Investment Advisory, Pensions & Collective Investment Schemes and Business & Financial Research

Some of Our Services


Institutional Fund, Welfare Fund, Endowment Fund, Personal Investment, Provident Fund, Real Asset Management…

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Corporate Restructuring, Financial Restructuring, Corporate Valuation, Raising Capital, Working Capital Management.

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Business &
Investment Advisory

Advice on investment avenues, risk management, develop growth opportunities, strategic analytical preparation.

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Business &
Financial Research

Research into equity and fixed income markets, valuable information, insights and actionable ideas.

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BOG Treasury Bill Information

91 – Day: Discount Rates 21.5538%, Interest Rates 22.7814%  182 – Day: Discount Rates 21.9436%, Interest Rates 24.6480%   3 – Yr Fixed Rate Bond: Discount Rates -%, Interest Rates 24.7500%   2 – Yr Note: Discount Rates -%, Interest Rates 23.0000%      

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Why Work With Us

SGL Royal Kapita stands on the following values and that has been our secret for success:

  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Our philosophy is to work closely with management to add long-term value to clients. We respond quickly to clients and believe in a hands-on approach. We make a total commitment to the success of a client’s project and to offering the best possible advice and service.

We only believe in results and that is exactly what we get for our clients. Every client has a story to tell of how we have influenced their success.